About Us


With a long history of producing chipsMade In Albania, MyChips comes to you with 12 different flavors which are: SALT, OREGANO, KETCHUP, PIZZA, CHEESE, CHICKEN, PAPRIKA, HOT PAPPER, BBQ, SOUR CREAM.

All production technology is of a very high European standard certified, also through the certifications that our products have received from HACCP and ISO2000, all production machines are of European standard and of recent years of production in Italy.


Natural Products

The main ingredients that MyChips uses to produce our products are all of the best quality.

We make sure to bring to you only natural products and without preservatives or other harmful substances.

Every product produced by us meets the quality criteria set by the European Union and other food quality regulatory institutions in the market, we mean national and international.


Multiple Choices


We come to you with 12 different flavors, trying to satisfy the tastes and tastes of each of you.

Also the packages are of different sizes.

Maximal Quality


Potatoes which are the main ingredients in our production line, are imported from the Netherlands, also other by-products needed during production are imported from EU countries.

Thanks to modern machinery, the quality of the ingredients is maintained by offering the maximum quality in the market.


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